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Participate and support us!

By supporting the operations of the Global Dry Toilet Association of Finland, you help to promote ecological sanitation and nutrient recycling. The goal is to foster the production of sustainable fertilizers and to improve the condition of the water bodies in Finland and all over the world. With your support, we can help the environment and ensure basic health conditions in the target destinations.

If you would like to make a donation to GDTF but don’t have Finnish bank access codes, you can make a direct bank transfer to:

IBAN account number: FI65 5104 0020 0652 01
Account owner: Global Dry Toilet Association of Finland
Reference: donation

How many days of your life would you be prepared to live without a toilet? Now you can help children and other citizens in developing countries, those who have never had a chance to use a proper toilet.

Join us as a member (company, association, individual or student memberships available), became a godparent, donate, collect your birthday gifts as money donated for our activities, give your inheritance, participate in our work actively and work as a volunteer in Finland or in developing countries.

You can also check out our supporting products from our web shop (unfortunately available only in Finnish at the moment.)

You can be part of the change!