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ODF2030 –Sustainable sanitation for Ho Municipality, Ghana – project

ODF2030 –Sustainable sanitation for Ho Municipality, Ghana – project empowers and capacitates
public authorities and institutions, and mobilises the citizens, for the achievement of total sanitation in
line with Ho local development strategies and UN SDG’s (especially SDG 6). Current level of
access to improved sanitation in Ho is less than 20 per cent and open defecation is prevalent which
is causing severe threat on people´s health and environment.

ODF2030 will ensure that public authorities can effectively implement ECOSAN campaigns in urban and rural areas. The ECOSAN solutions not only improve hygiene and health, but also create opportunities for improved food security and poverty reduction through organic fertiliser use, improves state of environment and diminish greenhouse gas emissions. Project includes activities within all Finland´s 4 priority areas as well as improve gender and equality, since women and girls are the main target groups. The capacity building is a continuous process that includes eg. baseline studies, training courses, regional stakeholder dialogue, pilots, peer learning and evaluations.

As a result of ECOSAN campaigns, we expect to see increased private investments to sanitation, 14 new rural communities with Open Defecation Free (ODF) status, as well as 14 communities and 2 peri-urban housing areas mobilized for production and use of organic fertilisers. Main outputs of ODF2030 include train-the-trainers courses, annual stakeholder forums and public awareness events, technology and service pilots, and a feasibility study for ECOSAN business model.

ODF2030 benefits directly the Ho Municipal Assembly and Ho Technical University, and supports teaming up with institutions like the CWS Agency of Volta for reaching total sanitation. Other direct beneficiaries include the communities involved in ECOSAN campaigns. The partners in Ho are committed to the promotion of ECOSAN solutions following the local government cooperation with the City of Lahti that has involved several pilots for schools and rural households.

To ensure availability of diverse expertise needed, GDTF, LAMK and JAMK opted to join forces in
implementing the project.