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Msunduza Dry Sanitation project (2007-2013)

The target of the project is to improve the sanitation issues of Msunduza slum by constructing toilets and providing education. The slum is located in Mbabane, the capital of Swazimaa. The project is carried out together with the Turku University of Applied Sciences which has been working among nature health since 2004. The main sponsor of the project is the Ministry for Foreign Affairs. At this point, the project is in its third and last phase.


Msunduza is the oldest and the most dense living area in Mbabane and has around 16 000 inhabitants. Almost half of the living areas are unofficial, very poor and big percent of them are slums. The focus areas of the project are the poorest places where are only few and often bad condition toilets. During the projects we also co-operate with locals, the clinic of Salvation Army and the officials of the city.

In the unofficial areas of Msunduza there are no water and sewage systems and not waste management either. The toalets are often defected and their waste easily escapes to the gardens of the locals and to the surface and groundwater. The toilets of the schools are also often in bad condition and very few compared to the amount of students. The lack of knowledge about hygiene and its connection to illnesses is a problem too and it leads to e.g. diarrhea diseases of small children.

Goal of the project

We make efforts to improve the poor sanitation and hygiene through the project. The aims are to provide education on sanitation and also building toilets. We are monitoring the suitability of the toilets in the area and we hope they will be inspirational to build new toilets. And at the same time, using the compost of dry toilets on the gardens would increase the food production.
Improving the hygiene and food production in a country where 26% of the population are infected by HIV is extreemly important. Good hygiene and enough food have a big effect on the life of a HIV-infected.

Contact us:

Project Coordinator Jonna Heikkilä
Turku University of Applied Sciences
tel: +358 44 907 2069


Project Manager Sari Huuhtanen
Global Dry Toilet Association of Finland
tel: +358 45 356 4099