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Community managed ecological sanitation and waste management project for Livingstone, Zambia (2014-2016)

The slideshow demonstrates how bricks are made out of cement and recycled glass. They are used as building material for dry toilets. This method requires only 1/3 of the normal amount of cement. This way we van save the envrironment and save on building costs.

Project aims to improve poor sanitation and waste management situation in the city of Livingstone, situated in Southern-Zambia, city known from the mighty Victoria Falls. The local partner is an NGO named Livingstone Green Iniative (LGI). Overall objective is to establish community managed ecological dry toilet (DT) sanitation as an alternative for the conventional sanitation approaches in water&sanitation and solid waste management.

Poverty levels in the high-density urban areas of Livingstone are high. Most households have no regular source of income and they have no access to proper water&sanitation facilities, which result in spreading of diseases and many other social, environmental and economical problems.

Market women and the youth for the composting and less privileged households for the dry toilet component. Glass recycling will create employment for males and females of all ages. School children&vulnerable youth are involved in WASH and DT-training.

Key activities:
1. Sensitization, education and trainings of WASH&Dry toilets (incl. building) in all levels
2. Establishment of DTs in urban and peri-urban areas which have no water and sewerage system
3. Composting of organic waste at vegetable markets and establishment of tree nurseries
4. Glass recycling for production of building materials; to be done by small business enterprises of community members

Do you want to support the project? The donations given is relieving a big need and will defenately go straight to the beneficiaries! Donate here!

More information:

Project Manager Finland: Sari Huuhtanen
e-mail: sari.huuhtanen (at)
puh: +358 45 356 4099

Project coordinator Zambia: Andrew Kabwe

e-mail: drekabwe (at)
puh: +260 975 674 261