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KIVIREKI – Urban agriculture as a part of resource efficient business

The aim of this project is to develop and test different business opportunities of urban agriculture based on closed nutrient cycles in urban areas. In addition to volunteer and free-time urban agriculture, urban agriculture can also be widespread, professional and economically profitable.  This kind of urban agriculture would not only meet the requirements of low carbon and energy efficient food production, more resource efficient nutrient use, but also the challenges that are related to the welfare of urban citizens.

This project aims at increasing the know-how of the project participants in professional urban agriculture. It also works as an innovation platform for different urban agriculture solutions. The project is implemented in cooperation with the Tampere University of Applied Sciences and the Global Dry Toilet Association of Finland along with numerous collaborative entrepreneurs, urban agriculture farmers, and authorities. The main partners in the project are four fine dining restaurants from Tampere, Finland. In 2016 urban farming pilots were started with the restaurants. For pictures of the farming pilots please visit here.

The project aims at developing and finding ways to create new kind of entrepreneurship through urban farming. Surveying urban nutrient cycles is also part of the project as it necessary for building low carbon, resource efficient and greener cities.

The target groups of this project are restaurants and institutional kitchens, start-up entrepreneurs in urban agriculture devices and systems, free-time urban farmers, companies manufacturing organic fertilizer products and local and regional authorities.

The core actions of this project are:

1. Technological solutions for urban agriculture

2. Closed nutrient loop, safety, and efficiency in nutrient use

3. Business models for urban agriculture

Thus, we expect new technological solutions for urban agriculture that can be utilized, new business opportunities and improved brands and images for the businesses and acceptable and safe fertilizer products for the use of urban agriculture.  All products and information produced in this project are freely available based on an open source principle.