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Jan Cebula

Jan CEBULA, Ph.D., (Eng.), D. Sc. Professor

Faculty of Materials and Environmental Sciences,

Institute of Environmental Protection and Technologies

Unit of Environmental Processes and Technologies

University of Bielsko-Biała

Willowa 2 Str., 43-309 Bielsko-Biała, POLAND

E-mail address:

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Mr. Bipin Poudel

Photo_Bipin PoudelMr. Bipin Poudel, with a masters on environmental science, is a young researcher and practitioner in the field of environment, sanitation and EcoSan in Nepal. He has been working, since March 2008, in the field of environment, sanitation and Ecosan. He had coordinated the national level research on EcoSan conducted in 2009 and also has co-authored EcoSan promotion guideline published by the Government of Nepal and presented papers in National and International Conferences. Previously he had worked with the Department of Water Supply and Sewerage, Government of Nepal and he is currently working with Nepal Climate Change Support Program.

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Mr. Seth M.K. Akah

akahMr. Seth M.K. Akah
Senior Lecturer in the Dept. of Agricultural Engineering
Ho Polytechnic
Address:    P.O. Box HP 217, Ho Ghana
Tel:     +233(0)243735588

Mr. Seth MK Akah holds a bachelor degree in agriculture and a diploma in education (1979) University of Cape Coast Ghana and a Master’s degree in animal science (1992) University of Ghana, Legon. He is working as a senior lecturer and a research fellow in the departments of agricultural engineering and agro-enterprise development of Ho Polytechnic Ghana. He has a long career within science education, agriculture, environmental and climatic impacts on agriculture. He spearheads the Competency Based Training (CBT) in agriculture. Nutrient recycling for ecological sanitation is his present focus area for research.

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John Steve Kabore

Name : W. John Steve KABORE
Environmental Engineer,
Hokkaido University, Graduate School of Engineering,
Laboratory on engineering for Sustainable Sanitation,
Sapporo, Japan.

W. John Steve KABORE is a researcher in environmental engineering and a PhD candidate at Hokkaido University, Japan. His research topic is related to Resource Oriented Sanitation (ROSan) aiming to reclaim nutrients from human excreta and reuse them in diverse fields such as agriculture. He focuses on the production of nitrogen slow released fertilizer from human urine. As a national from developing countries, he aims to provide solution to rural farming in those areas. Commercially available fertilizers are not affordable for farmers and the reuse of excreta is an alternative. He is now trying to conclude the main part of his research by studying the process (chemical kinetics) for an industrial scale production.

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Mr. Obed Chibwe Kawanga

Twenty three (23) years work experience in research, surveys, data processing, analysis, interpretation and dissemination of reports to diffent stakeholders. Studed at Kings College, Cabridge University UK in 2014 and manjure in Ecosystem and Biodiversity Valuations, Darmstadt University 2007-2008 and majre in Msc in International Cooperation and Urban Development Studies

President-Founded Network for Environmental Concerns and Solutions NECOS, a Non Governmental Organization to deal among other things ecosystem & biodiversty services valuation, research in aquatic ecosystems, environmental sanitation, water quality monitoring, Community outreach etc.

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