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International Dry Toilet Conference

The Dry Toilet Conference is an international triennial event conducted by The Global Dry Toilet Association of Finland. Started in 2003, the conference attracts experts and audience from various parts of the globe.

Focusing on topics ranging from ecological sanitation to nutrient recycling, the conference brings diverse range of stakeholders, experts and interested audience together. Through research, exploration and knowledge-sharing, the conference acts as an excellent platform for all actors working with ecological sanitation to collaborate, network and share their ideas and experiences on dry toilet technology, nutrient recycling and ecological sanitation.

With attendees from numerous countries, and the increased number of papers obtained on each occasion, the DT conferences have certainly paved way for much required discussion on the various challenges of sanitation and encouraged research by bridging the gap between the numerous actors involved.

The 6th International Dry Toilet Conference took place at Hiedanranta from August 22th to 24th, 2018. Further details about the 6th conference can be found here.

Book of anstracts can be found here: Dry Toilet 2018 – Book of Abstracts

The full list of delegated that have given permission to publish their name is found here: DT2018-List of delegates

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